Japanese Snack Brand Creates Bags Of 'Drinkable Chips' Made For Eating With One Hand

February 8, 2019


Because why should anyone let a hand-holding relationship get in the way of a snack-attack, this is a shot of Japanese snack food manufacturer Koikeya's new One Hand Chips. It's a bag of smaller-sized chip fragments that only opens partially on one end and allows a person to "drink" the chips instead of having to reach in and grabbing them. Other, much less reputable news sources than Geekologie are writing headlines that the bags were designed to prevent people from smudging their phone screens with chip grease, but the company insists that's just an added benefit, they were actually designed to make eating the crumbs at the bottom of the bag easier. Here's another solution: crush a bag of regular chips with your fist before only opening half the top. Crazy, right? Of course we've actually already had drinkable chips with the same nutritional value and health benefits of regular chips for decades now, and it's called soda.

Thanks to Irina A, who agrees it's only a matter of time until the advent of huffable chips. Hmmm *mortar and pestling some Flamin' Hot Cheetos* "Don't do it, GW!" Ten bucks says I either breathe fire or die.

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