How Magical: Harry Potter Book Sprayed With Drugs Smuggled Into UK Prison Where Inmates 'Smoked The Pages'

February 15, 2019


A copy of Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire laced with psychoactive drugs was recently found in a Nottingham, England prison, with inmates smoking more than 400 pages of the book before it was found. Some more info while I don't smoke a book:

The "Spice-like substance" found on samples from the book was detected by a new drug-testing machine

It is thought the drugs had been sprayed on to the paper before it entered the prison.

Four hundred pages were missing, which staff suspected had been torn into strips and smoked.

Prison officer Adam Donegani said each strip was worth about £50.

"The prices are inflated within the prison service (compared with) street value, so that can be whatever they want to charge for it," he said.

Apparently 'Spice' is a generic term for synthetic cannabanoids, which act on the same brain receptors as THC, but cause much more intense and unpredictable effects. Potential psychotic effects include: extreme anxiety, confusion, paranoia and hallucinations, or basically the exact opposite of what I'd ever want to experience in prison. Pass me a note in my mashed potatoes when there's a drug that will let me punch through walls and jump guard towers.

Thanks to j-zell, who wants to know how many inmates were convinced they were wizards before the book was found.

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