Good To Know: Death Metal Attracts Sharks Because The Tones Mimic Those Of Struggling Fish

February 26, 2019


Hi, I'm here for the concert.

It only seems appropriate since sharks are harbingers of death and the most metal dwellers of the sea, but apparently the animals are actually attracted to death metal music because "the 'dense tones' of it mimic the 'low frequencies of struggling fish.'" Some more info while I find out what music detracts sharks and play that forever, especially in the bathtub:

Sharks 'hear' by picking up vibrations from receptors on their bodies, meaning they can be attracted to the low-frequency vibrations of heavy music, which apparently sounds like struggling fish.

Fascinating. Obviously, I plan to use sharks' attraction to death metal to create an army of the creatures and use them to raid Atlantis. "But I thought you were terrified of sharks." For untold riches I'm willing to risk it. And I'm putting you in charge of distracting Aquaman while it happens. "How?" Here, put this on. "A Little Mermaid costume?" Do whatever it takes.

Keep going for a clip from a Discovery Channel show (Bride Of Jaws) of music being played to attract sharks.

Thanks to Lindsey P, who informed me no surfer has ever been attacked by a shark while listening to show tunes. Valuable information.

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