Giant 36-Ounce Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Tiki Mugs

February 14, 2019


In other drinking out of things news comes these Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Tiki Mugs from Mondo. The mugs come in two styles, standard ($50) and bone finish ($55), and each holds a whopping 36-ounces of rum and fruit juice. So -- what's your favorite tiki cocktail? I like the giant blue one that's served in a fish bowl and set on fire. The place I go to won't serve one to less than two people but I just tell them my friend is in the bathroom then slam it before they realize the very clever ruse I've perpetrated. Granted they usually ask me to leave afterwards, like I wasn't going to leave on my own after pounding 64-ounces of white rum and blue curaçao anyways.


Thanks to no name, who may or may not only be identifiable from the barcode on the back of their neck.

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