Game Changers: Indiegogo Campaign For A Hand Pump For Peanut Butter Jars

February 21, 2019

Say goodbye to your knives *throws knife into roommate's leg* because this is the Indiegogo campaign for the $25 Peanut Butter Pump, the brainchild of inventor Andrew Scherer. The pump attaches to any standard 40-ounce jar of smooth or crunchy peanut butter (not malt liquor or penises), and can be hand-pumped to dispense the jar's contents, all the while creating enough suction to perfectly clean the sides of the jar as its used. Impressive! It also comes with two nozzles: a flat ribbon nozzle for covering max bread real estate when you're making a sandwich, and a stream-style nozzle for making smaller snacks like ants-on-a-log. Now as I'm sure anybody who knows me intimately is aware (along with a bunch of strangers on the internet now), peanut butter is my go-to midnight snack. "It's true, he gets up like four times throughout the night and always comes back to bed smelling like peanut butter." And? "And chocolate milk." That's correct. Sometimes I'll eat a Greek yogurt or blast some spray-cheese straight down my gullet, but usually it's just peanut butter and chocolate milk. What can I say -- I'm a creature of habit. "He's a peanut butter monster." Honey I'm pretty sure these folks don't want to hear us have the monsters are creatures too argument again.

Keep going for an infomercial style video.

Thanks to my friend Amelie, who can't wait for our first peanut butter party.

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