French Fencing Federation Recognizes Lightsaber Fighting As Official Sport, Plans Tournament, Aims To Have Added To Olympics

February 25, 2019

Because sometimes dreams really do come true, the French Fencing Federation has joined forces with the French Lightsaber Academy and announced it's official recognition of lightsaber fighting as a sport, has a tournament already planned, and hopes to have the sport added to the Olympics in the future. *swinging curtain rod* You're going down! Some basics about a fight:

Opponents face each other in a circular area and have to tap their competitor 15 times within three minutes...the head and body score five points, arms and legs are worth three points.

Oh man, I'm all over this. I've honestly never had a better reason to get in shape in my entire life. "I literally told you that you were going to die if you didn't." Whatever, doc. But do you think it'll ever actually make it as an Olympic sport? I mean, stranger things have happened. Granted not very many and I can't really think of any and I've spent the better part of an hour trying, but still. *throws light-up bouncy ball at opponent* Lightgrenade!

Keep going for a video news report of the action while i pray nobody tells Star Wars Kid about this so the rest of us competitors at least stand a chance.

Thanks to John DP, who agrees Quidditch is already well on it's way to becoming an Olympic sport.

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