Video Of Ford's Sweaty Robotic Butt That's Used To Test Car Seats

February 12, 2019


Because the company takes their Built Ford Tough motto seriously, this is a short video about Ford's 'Robutt' seat testing industrial robot. The sweaty robotic butt, which is warmed to human body temperature and continuously moistened via a drip system, was designed to mimic the ass of someone "sitting in a car after exercising," and can allegedly simulate a decade's worth of "sitting, bouncing and twisting" in just three days, with over 7,500 individual repetitions. First of all, that doesn't look like any ass I've ever seen (and I know the parental control password for my family's internet), and secondly, what about environmental factors? What about the effects of the hottest summer day and coldest winter nights on the seat? What about all the spilled hot coffee? What about me anxiously jamming my hand into the cracks looking for a quarter while the angry man stuck behind me at the toll booth honks and tells me what he's going to do to my precious anus if I don't hurry up? What about those things? *slides seat-testing resume across desk* Call me.

Keep going for the video. Also, why use a robot to do a human's job? I can sit in a car seat for three days straight easy, and my ass is always sweaty even without working out.

Thanks to my buddy Dave L, who agrees there should also be a fart simulator, with at least every tenth being a scary wet one.

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