Finally, A Backpack Specifically Designed For Carrying Board Games

February 13, 2019


This is the $200 Ultimate Boardgame Backpack designed and sold by GeekOn. It's a large backpack that was specifically designed for carrying board games (the square kind, not suitable for games like Monopoly or Risk). The bag is available in a variety of colors and includes all sorts of bells and whistles (not actual bells and whistles) like an expandable main compartment, waterproofing, two koozies, and a bunch of other zippered pockets for things like laptops, notepads and keys/cards. There are also a bunch of optional accessories like elastic straps for your games, a waist strap, dice case and tray, and more. No word if the bag can also double as a live organ transport system, but rest assured one blogger with a heavy sleeping roommate and relatively healthy kidneys plans on finding out. Are kidneys in the front or back? Obviously, with all those pockets the bag has plenty of storage space for condoms and sex toys, which is important to me because I've never been invited to a game night that hasn't turned into one giant orgy. Although, full disclosure: I've never actually been invited to a game night.

Keep going for a handful more shots of the bag's features.







Thanks to Michael W, who carries all his board games around in a garbage bag like a normal person without $200 to spend on a game board backpack.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Welp, I'm board.

  • tyr2180

    nice purpose-built, but the price yikes. Square duffel bags on Amazon are $20, and if you want something fancier, Sabol ArmyTransport cases are same size, shape, padded, have side pouches, and are $60...

  • digidude

    OR ... every backpack ever.

  • nik

    Not really. It's about the shape. If the first photo is real, thats pretty impressive. You will totally look like a pizza delivery guy though...

  • digidude

    Sorry. Like every BIG backpack ever.

  • Geekologie

    Hmmm *eyes JanSport*

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