Every Time The Force Is Mentioned In All The Star Wars Movies

February 25, 2019


This is another 'Star Wars By The Numbers' video highlighting every time The Force is mentioned in the first nine Star Wars films (previously: the number of missed blaster shots by stormtroopers during the Death Star escape scene in Star Wars: A New Hope). So, you wanna take a guess how many times the Force was mentioned? SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER: a total of 157, with 22 mentions in A New Hope, 16 in The Empire Strikes Back, 10 in Return Of The Jedi, 14 in The Phantom Menace, 9 in Attack Of The Clones, 20 in Revenge Of The Sith, 10 in The Force Awakens, 14 in The Last Jedi and a whopping 46 in Rogue One. Obviously, they went pretty heavy on Force talk in Rogue One. How many times did I pretend my penis was a lightsaber watching all the movies? Every time there was one on screen, and three-quarters of the time there wasn't, just in anticipation (well over a hundred thousand easy).

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Joseph A, who's already hard at work making a Jedi word count.

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