Dungeons & Dragons 'Stranger Things' Starter Kit Available For Pre-Order

February 14, 2019


This is the $25 Dungeons & Dragons Stranger Things starter kit available for pre-order (arriving May 1st from a variety of different places including Amazon, the Big Bad Toy Store, Entertainment Earth and more -- just don't pay more than $25 unless you like wasting money). The kit includes everything you need to go on a Stranger Things inspired adventure and is perfect for those looking to get their D&D toes wet. Obviously, you should buy it, then I'll come over and play. I get to the be the demogorgon though. "The demogorgon isn't a playable character." Oh really, because I thought *brandishing stick I sharpened on the sidewalk* that it was. "You can be the demogorgon." Cool, I also get to be zombie Barb on my other turn.

Thanks to Lindsey P, for getting me to spend $25 before I've even had my morning coffee.

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