Dog Casually Cruises Down 27 Steps On Skateboard

February 25, 2019

This is a video of skateboarder Murdythedawg (who I've actually been following on Instagram for many years now) attacking the 27 steps in front of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles. He does a fantastic job too -- such poise and grace. And if you're concerned Murdy doesn't like skateboarding, you can watch any of the other hundreds of videos of him skating on Instagram and realize not only does he enjoy it (he initiates his tricks himself), but he's better than I'll ever be. Damn, outskated by a dog! *tries to break board over knee, bone rips through skin in a geyser of blood* Oh boy. Hey can I borrow your medical insurance for a little?

Keep going for the whole video, which features Murdy giving a paw-bump at the end of his trick like he always does.

Thanks to me, for remembering to post this when I saw the screencap I took of it on my phone while searching for a picture of the ravioli I ate this weekend.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I've known dogs who couldn't walk down stairs and would probably shit and piss everywhere if they were to even see a skateboard in person.

  • Megatron Jenkins

    GW, why did you take a picture of ravioli? And how much did you eat before you took said picture?

  • Amiee

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  • Wooder

    He looks a little depressed when he hit the a "Is that it?"

    Then they hauled away the dog in handcuffs for skateboarding on private property.
    He will be missed. He can skateboard in the the BIG HOUSE now!

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