Diver Saves Fish Trapped In Plastic Bag

February 22, 2019


This is a short video from Phuket, Thailand of a diver rescuing a small marine fish that found it's way into a discarded plastic bag, presumably after thinking it spotted Dory, only to realize it was just its own reflection too late. They really should learn to vet these fish search party members. Still, at least the story has a happy ending. I don't even want to think about the millions of other stories with sad endings, especially not Where The Red Fern Grows. "Jesus, GW." Hey at least I didn't bring up Artax dying in the Swamp Of Sadness.

Keep going for the video, which isn't the speediest rescue I've ever seen (it was all performed one-handed so it could be filmed with the other to document the plight of our oceans), but at least it was successful.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees we really need to stop treating the planet like one giant garbage can and everyone should have to watch WALL-E with their eyes taped open until we're reformed.

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