Dinner With A View: Woman Eats Pizza Slice While Parachuting

February 12, 2019

Note: Keep your volume down/off, wind.

Because you never know when hunger is going to strike, this is a video of a woman snacking on a piece of pizza while parachuting (she also produces an unopened beer). My palms were sweating I was so worried she was going to drop it. You think if she had dropped it she would have cut her parachute to dive and catch it? Because I would have. I'm also a terrible decision maker and have the eight missing lives to prove it. "You're a cat, GW?" Pet me and find out. *Immediately shreds hand* "You are!" I am!

Keep going for the whole video, but remember what I said about the volume (In case you were wondering, she says "Hell yeah" and "Should've brought chicken fingers.")

Thanks again to hairless, who agrees you haven't lived until you've eaten an entire box of thawed Pillsbury Toaster Pastries while parachuting at sunrise.

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