Damn Rich People: $1,860 Mammoth Tusk Chopsticks

February 21, 2019


Seen here looking remarkably like a regular pair of chopsticks, these are the $1,860 Siberian mammoth tusk chopsticks available from Georg Jensen. They're made with authentic mammoth tusk and cost approximately 1,860 times what I'm willing to pay for a decent pair of reusable chopsticks. Now I'm not sure where the mammoth tusk was unearthed, but I would hate to be a part of any sort of illegal smuggling operation. I mean except-- "Butt smuggling." That I do for fun, even if it's just candy and soda into the movies.

Thanks to v, who agrees nobody needs $1,860 chopsticks. You should at least spend $2,000.

  • Masako

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  • Nicholas Conrad

    Hey, at least they're cheaper than Samsung's new 'fold' phone.... Though now that I think about it, eating rice with that phone seems like more fun.

  • Bling Nye

    And here I thought $15 for titanium chopsticks was a good deal.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I think titanium is stronger than mammoth tusk, lighter, similar thermal conductivity (titanium is super bad at transferring heat)

    I would imagine there are no microscopic pores for bacteria to hide in where in the mammoth tusk there likely would be.

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