Cooking The Krusty Krab's King-Size Ultra Krabby Supreme (Double Battered...On A Stick) In Real Life

February 27, 2019


Above: Cross section with stick removed.

This is another video from Binging With Babish (previously) walking us through the steps of recreating the Krusty Krab's King-Size Ultra Krabby Patty (double battered and served on a stick) in real life. Like finding your roommate seemingly dead on the kitchen floor when you're going for a midnight snack without your glasses on, it's a heart-stopper. Would I still eat one? *labored breathing* I really shouldn't. But *peers around office for signs of my doctor* maybe just a little nibble *doctor leaps out of recycling bin next to printer with a snack bag full of carrots* "Oh no you don't!" Dammit, how do you keep doing that?! "I also found the mayonnaise in the shampoo bottle in your shower." But that's my comfort mayo!

Keep going for the video while I go test my blood pressure with the machine at the local pharmacy (hopefully I can get my arm out when it catches fire this time).

Thanks to becca b and hairless, who agree Spongebob would be proud.

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