Classic: The Ol' Kick A Beer Bottle Open Trick

February 20, 2019


Note: Hey guys, I've been dealing with a sickness and need to go to the doctor today even though I hate going to the doctor because he always tries experimenting on me to secretly make me worse but I'm gonna do what I can but I'll be back tomorrow for sure and maybe make it up to you with some weekend writing provided I'm still alive and the pharmacy at the grocery store accepts my Blockbuster card for insurance.

This is a short video of an Australian man casually kicking a Corona bottle open, using the cap of another beer for leverage. Impressive, but what about the other bottle? How are you gonna open that one to drink? Beers don't come in pairs for no reason, you know.

Keep going for the video while I wish I could be half as excited as the guy filming about anything in life.

Thanks to Linby, who only punches his beers open like a true ninja.

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