Barrel Rips Itself Off .50 Caliber Magnum For Man Firing Handgun For First Time

February 12, 2019

This is a video of a man allegedly firing his first handgun and having the barrel rip itself right off the .50 caliber Magnum he's shooting. Why you would ever start with a .50 caliber weapon for your first shooting experience is beyond me, but I suspect it has something to do with awful friends. Get this man a 9mm. So, what exactly happened here -- can anybody provide some insight? I'll admit, I'm only an expert when it comes to laser weaponry, I'm not familiar with these old-fashioned bullet guns. Was there a fault with the weapon? Did he do something wrong? Did I do something wrong? Why are you leaving me?! Come on, at least tell me so my next relationship might be better.

Keep going for the whole video. Also, props for keeping the completely destroyed weapon pointed downrange.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees that must have been invigorating.

  • Douchy McDouche

    New firearms regulation. Gun disassembles after one shot.

  • Rayg

    This is actually fairly commin with smith and wesson revolvers in 44 and 500 . only s&w worth a damn is the 460

  • katzkiner

    In the old days barrels were screwed in and pinned, hence the "pinned barrel".
    Today many barrels are just pressed in, a technique that might easily malfunction in a .50 magnum.
    However, in case of a timing issue or blocked barrel a pressed in barrel might serve as a pressure relief point for a rupturing firearm.
    When you touch off 52,000+ PSI in and enclosed space things are coming apart quickly.

  • ErstO

    This is actually the new requirement to the California Handgun safety act.

    “The barrel of the weapon must radically detach when fired”

  • Bill-Widget

    Likely he had his thumb pressed on the cylinder release. This would have caused a minor misalignment and resulted in the failure you see. He's incredibly lucky not to have blown his hands appart. Whoever was teaching him how to hold a handgun is very likely not very familiar with revolvers and had him utilizing the thumbs forward grip commonly accepted as the best technique for shooting semi-auto pistols. The danger here is two fold, one it exposes the forward thumb to hot gases released from the sides of the cylinder, two, this grip may cause the individual to accidentally press the cylinder release when they tighten their grip. The thumbs-locked method is recommended for revolvers to mitigate these issues.

  • Dave Beltz

    It is NOT a .50 cal. X-frame. It is an L-frame, probably a .357 mag.

  • Aloysius Jenkins

    Correct. I've also never seen a box of 50 Remington 500 mags, they come in 20s

  • John

    Well that splain it! He usie .500 in .357 is no workie! Is .143 too big!

  • JJtoob

    The ultra slow motion makes the end funny with the guy still aiming with a destroyed gun lmao.

  • digidude

    Very old video.

  • Mike

    The s&w .500 is known to come apart. They usually don't get shot enough for the failure to happen because nobody likes to shoot them more than a couple times. This being a rental gun, it was well used. They're dangerous.

  • Dead Sirius

    I have only personally seen the short barrel blow up, and understood that to be due to a defect from their supplier.

    You're not wrong about people not liking them. When I let friends try mine, I generally get it handed back to me after no more than 1-2 rounds.

  • d s

    Plugged barrel

  • Dino Nucci

    What happened: there was a barrel obstruction (the last round didn't exit the barrel). When the following round was fired - boom.

  • Onehalfklingon

    If an earlier round was a squib and was stuck in the barrel, a revolver could fail in exactly this way.

  • Dead Sirius

    You would know if you had a squib in a .500, no question.

  • Onehalfklingon

    I would and you would, but if this was his first time, who knows? Also, if he didn't check his barrel was clear, it could have been a previous user.

  • Kaizer Chief

    I came here looking for the unoriginal, unfunny moron who always comments “Murica!!” on posts like this. I didn’t find him. This pleases me.

  • John

    Ummmm..... “Murica!!”

  • Kaizer Chief

    Damn you!

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