Aliens On Earth: Video Of A Male Sea Dragon Carrying Eggs On Its Tail

February 12, 2019


In case you needed further proof that we've been visited by aliens (like the weird symbols circling my anus weren't enough), this is some stunning footage (including closeups) from cinematographer Jarrod Boord while diving in Port Phillip Bay in southern Victoria, Australia, of a male weedy sea dragon carryings its eggs around on its tail. Some more info while I try to balance an egg on a spoon in my mouth all the way to the copier and back to impress my coworkers. Oooooor break a raw egg on the new carpet:

The footage shows how the male is responsible for carrying the eggs. As the female is transferring the babies to the male, this is when fertilisation takes place. The males will then typically carry the offspring around for a month before the hatchlings emerge into the water.

Fascinating. So do you think the same aliens that dropped off the sea dragons also dropped off the octopuses? Or ARE they the aliens? "Deep thoughts, GW." I'm an intellectual. I'm also the worl-- "You're not the world's greatest lover." Don't be ridiculous, I don't think that and it's not what I was gonna say. "What was it then?" I was gonna say I'm the world's greatest living lover, which is 100% true.

Keep going for the beautiful video.

Thanks to Allyson S, who informed me sea dragons actually evolved from regular dragons that took to the sea after they grew tired of being exploited as war machines to burn villages and raze castles.

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