A Video Count Of Every 'Dude' Spoken In Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey

February 27, 2019


Because you have to teach your kids how to count somehow, and maybe those Star Wars stormtrooper missed blaster shots or mentions of The Force aren't your child's particular cup of juice, this is a video count of all the times 'dude' is spoken in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. The grand total? Sixty-nine! Just kidding it's ninety-one. That would have been a cool Easter Egg though.

Keep going for the video while I create an office pool to guess how many 'dudes' are in the original movie.

Thanks to carey, who can't wait to count all the 'dudes' in the upcoming third movie.

  • Jesse Huxtable

    Thank you for posting my video!! I think in the wake of the new movie coming, this has been getting a lot more views lately.

  • jimmycleaver

    Dude, the ending to this bodacious radical movie. Always tears me up.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I love that song. Kiss can suck the fattest grossest bag of sloppy dicks but that song is great.

  • sizzlepants

    It's not like they actually wrote it...

  • sizzlepants

    Why would anyone ever choose Bogus Journey over Excellent Adventure? Seriously.

  • Bling Nye

    Put them in the Iron Maiden!

    EXCELLENT!! *air guitars*



  • FearlessFarris


  • Dude...

  • Bling Nye


  • And for the list of every time they say their OTHER favorite word:

    Wonder how they approach that classic staple in part 3?

  • After some mid-movie butt-sex, I would assume?

  • FearlessFarris

    The one where they call the devil a fag is my favorite part of the whole movie.

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