A Trip Down An Enclosed Ice Slide With Rainbow Lighting

February 8, 2019

WARNING: Unsteady cameras and flashing lights in the videos.

These are a couple videos of people taking a trip down the rainbow ice slides at the Ice Castles frozen attraction in Woodstock, New Hampshire. The side-by-side slides include LEDs embedded in the ice that create a moving rainbow effect down the entirety of the slide. I don't know about you, but I feel like I just took a trip down Mario Kart's Rainbow Road. Speaking of -- is it even possible to finish that race without falling off the side? Granted I'm not very good at Mario Kart racing, but I kick ass at the versus battle mode where you have to pop your opponents' balloons. I rarely lose. "He's never won a match." Stop lying, honey. "I'm sorry -- he's never won a match without pulling the controller out of my hands and sitting on it." That's better, remember: honesty is the best policy. "You started this whole argument with a lie." Wow. Woooooow. VALENTINE'S DAY IS CANCELLED, I'M EATING ALL THE CHOCOLATES. "Like you didn't already." I was going to buy more!

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to Allyson S, who agrees rainbow roads are the best roads, unless we're talking about a pet dying, then they're the absolute worst.

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