(UPDATED) '50 Shades Of Maple Glen': Pennsylvania Home For Sale Comes Complete With 'Private Adult Sexual Oasis'

February 8, 2019


This is the $750,000 home recently listed for sale on Redfin located at 1612 Norristown Road in Maple Glen, Pennsylvania (15 miles outside Philadelphia) that comes complete with 5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a gourmet kitchen, billiard room, exercise room, 3 fireplaces, and, oh yeah, an adult kink room in the basement that includes *eyeing real estate photos* honestly I have no clue what I'm looking at or how to use it without having to call an ambulance. Some more info while I whip myself silly with a Twizzler:

Full finished walk-out basement w bilco doors, includes a gym or 5th bedroom and also is a private adult sexual oasis. It can be converted back to a typical suburban basement. Home currently is being offered as an Air B & B rental @maisonxs that gets $750 a night on weekdays & $2000 a night on the weekends for private parties or entertainment.

Ah yes, the ol' Airbnb sex basement. I wonder what the cleaning deposit is. Honestly, at first I thought maybe the home had just staged for a very specific type of buyer, but now I see it's actually been making money being rented for Eyes Wide Shut retreats. Soooo.... "Airbnb it before it's sold?" Exactly, but we'll have to use your account, I got banned for burning down a condo in Palm Springs.

UPDATE: Video tour of basement added!

Keep going for one more shot of the kink room and of the very unassuming exterior. Also, I thought the suit of armor in the corner was a nice touch to remind visitors that what happens in Maple Glen stays in Maple Glen.



Thanks to Joe M, who mentioned living only about an hour away from the house, but unfortunately didn't mention anything about going halfsies on it.

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