45 Second Timelapse Of A Man's Beard And Hair Growth Over A Year

February 6, 2019


This is a 45-second timelapse video of Youtuber Tomer Sherf's beard and hair growth over the course of a year (I also noticed that apparently camera quality vastly improved in the past year). He starts off clean-shaven and with very short hair, then by the end, man -- he looks like a guy who built himself a cabin in the woods and only ventures into town twice a year to sell his extra deer meat and beaver pelts. "A hunk?" I mean I guess if you're into that rugged, outdoorsy type. "I am." And what about me? "You look like a lizard." Well I can lick my own eyeballs.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Charlotte FB, who informed me she knows a couple guys who struggle so grow facial hair so bad they'd actually look cleaner-shaven at the end of the year.

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