$25,800: The World's Most Expensive Flower Bouquet (Contains Diamonds And Gold-Dipped Roses)

February 11, 2019


In other Valentine's Day ridiculousness news, this is the ~$25,800 'Cullinan' flower bouquet available from UK pressed-flower retailer Endure Roses. What do you get for your quarter of a $100,000? "Not nearly enough." Not even close:

Named the Cullinan Bouquet after the world's largest gem-quality rough diamond ever found (the Cullinan), the exquisite wonder contains more than 100 specially preserved flowers. It is set on a bed of brooding black hydrangea with a flowering tower that houses six Grandeur Roses, all completely encased in 24-carat gold. Furthermore, there are Heart Roses created by the specialist florists along with striking Juliette Roses with their double-petalled structure. At the very middle of the creation, one can find a Mon Chérie elegant curved glass cloche, with two intertwined heart roses holding two Cullinan diamonds in the center - one 0.5 carat and the other 0.3 carat.

The entire bouquet is also sprinkled with real diamond dust and estimated to last around three to five years before needing to be thrown out with the rest of your expensive garbage. So, if you were wondering what to get the wife or girlfriend who already has everything else, the answer is simple -- nothing -- you should be off the hook.

Keep giong for a handful of closeups (which includes two heart roses encased in glass Beauty And The Beast style) while I swing by the nearest gas station to see if they still have any of those panties-in-the-shape-of-a-rose available at the counter.






Thanks to Jay T S, who agrees that flowers, just like all my relationships, are only meant to look pretty and smell good for a little bit, then wilt and die quickly (possibly catching fire).

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