Yikes: AK-47 Trigger Breaks Sticking It In Full-Auto In The Hands Of An Inexperienced Shooter

January 11, 2019


This is an older video of a guy in jean shorts (presumably on a super lit bachelor party trip) at the Battlefield Vegas shooting range in (you guessed it) Las Vegas firing an AK-47 in semi-auto mode when the trigger breaks, sticking the rifle in full-auto and almost ending very, very badly. Thankfully the shooter is able to keep the gun pointed downrange and the staff is able to keep him on his feet. Still, terrifying. I remember I went to a shooting range in Virginia when I was younger and it was the first time I ever fired a handgun and the gun they gave me kept jamming and I thought for sure it was going to explode in my hands and that's why I only f*ck with laser blasters and throwing stars now, the end.

Keep going for the video, but watch your volume.

Thanks to ratface cd, who agrees somebody is gonna need to swing by the hotel room to change into a new pair of jean shorts after this.

  • Andrew

    Why is a "new shooter" learning with a AK with a folding stock? If he had good cheek weld that would have been fun and not scary. Maybe I should have pointed out that if your instructor wears full cammo to the range, they are likely not qualified to instruct.

  • The_Wretched

    Pull the clip?

  • Andyman7714

    There's a Hollywood myth busted. See how quickly he ran out of ammo?

  • Gilbert

    It almost looks like they were expecting it to suddenly go full auto, since suddenly that other guy showed up out of nowhere and supported him and pushed him forward and supported the gun and guy...

    But that's just my observation based on one watching of the video...

  • Deksam

    Wow! there it is, the "full semi auto" I've been hearing about.
    This video almost makes me feel bad about guns...
    But then I watch this and guns are cool again!...

  • GeneralDisorder

    Man... That's just glorious. She's even got eye protection (which you really really desperately need when you've shooting a .50)

  • Mike Gover

    I guess in a "controlled" environment, your biggest risk is getting hot brass to the face. That is the only thing those glasses are good for.

  • GeneralDisorder

    The main reason eye protection is recommended for shooting is dust. It could be dirt from outside. It could be unburned powder. It could also be lead particles. Scratched corneas really suck.

  • tyr2180

    I'd be willing to bet my own money that this is NOT a full-auto AK. But instead a consumer-legal semi-auto only AK that has been modified back to full-auto capable. Such modifications are usually done badly and illegally.

  • lushkneebumbuild

    nah, sometimes they just break like that. i've read about this before

  • bluecheesedressing

    Probably not even modified rifle but just an extremely rare semi-auto “runaway” caught on video.

    Looking at the range, the rifle (which looks to be a Romanian or Polish “side-folder” kalishnokov variant), and instructors it’s likely a range rental that has just worn down internals. It could be a legal automatic that slipped into “full” but I don’t see the selector switch move or get bumped.

    Ranges don’t tolerate, allow in, or have illegally modified guns on hand/premises because the fines and jail-time are extremely steep and punitive (not to mention getting your dog shot).

    Typically, the people who run those will readily report some who brings in their own modified gun to the ATF, as they don’t want to risk their livelyhood and a decade in jail.

  • Tigerh8r

    A "Runaway" happens when the firing pin gets stuck forward. It's rare. It usually only happens when guns are shot a lot and not cleaned or inspected enough. The gun isn't really "full auto" in the traditional sense because if you release the trigger it keeps firing. Back in the 60's some of the radical groups would "booby-trap" firearms in this fashion, hoping that a law enforcement officer trying to clear them would close the bolt on a live round and the runaway would get bystanders. It was especially dangerous with handguns because if they weren't expecting it the runaway would be almost impossible to control.

  • Bling Nye
  • JJtoob

    That's exactly what I remembered from this article.

  • Richard

    Wow, that's terrible. Imagine putting your kid through that nightmare at only 9 years of age. The excitement is just not worth the risk in my opinion.

  • Bling Nye

    Yeah, it was really sad, obviously feel bad for the guy and his family, but man, that poor kid too.

  • Draco Basileus

    There's another dimension where a version of this video ends up on LiveLeak.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I don't think I can fap to that.

  • Eric Ord


    PS Instructor is atheistgirl

    Jackass is me

    Bullets is wise-ass comments

  • WhiteEagle2

    Don't forget Bling nye

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