Wow, Mother Nature, Wow: A Bunch Of Cane Toads Trying To Mate With An 11-Foot Python

January 3, 2019


After a heavy storm dropped almost 7cm (~2.75-inches) of rain in the area, this is a video from a farmer near Kununurra, Australia of a bunch of cane toads hopping a ride on an 11-foot olive python. Except -- wait a minute -- according to conservation biologist Jodi Rowley they're not trying to ride the snake, they're trying to ride the snake. Whoa Nelly! In her own words while I wish I could get as excited about the video as she did:

This is one of the most amazing videos I've seen!! Lots of *very* horny Cane #Toads (Rhinella marina) trying to mate with a large Olive #Python (Liasis olivaceus), with Giant Burrowing Frogs (Cyclorana australis) & Red Tree #Frogs (Litoria rubella) calling in the background!

LOL, but what's up with that trio on the right? Because I feel like you're a toad and have the opportunity to bang a snake, you bang the snake, you don't mount up traditional style, and you certainly don't just watch two other toads do it. What a little creeper. "Is that toad you, GW?" Oh hell no, I'm the one nearest the snake's head living life to the fullest.

Keep going for the brief video.

Thanks to Rab, who suspects a lot of toady bucket lists were crossed off that day.

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