Woman Performs An Impressive Flaming Rope Dart Routine

January 25, 2019

This is a video of an artist performing a flaming rope dart routine (the rope dart is a piece of Chinese martial arts equipment). It looks like something straight out of a superhero movie. Also, was this video slow motion or was it all in real-time? Asking for a friend who has a hard time with time. What day is it anyway? WAIT, IS IT-- "It's not your birthday." Man, I feel like it's taking forever to get here this year. "It IS Friday though." Hot diggity dog! *tears off dress shirt to reveal 'NO BEER NO LIFE' novelty t-shirt below, cracks open warm one from desk drawer* You know, as much as it sucks, life ain't so bad.

Keep going for the full routine.

Thanks to Christina D, who agrees that, as a general rule, fire makes every performance even better.

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