What Did I Just Watch?: 'In A Nutshell', A Weird But Impressive Stop-Motion Video That Tries To Capture The World In A Nutshell

January 18, 2019

This is 'In A Nutshell', a stop-motion video created from 3,000 photographs by filmmaker and animator Fabio Friedli of YK Studios that "distills the story of human existence in just under five minutes and delivers a profound and moving thesis on this thing we call life." I mean I guess that's what I watched? Honestly I was just really confused, mostly because I was expecting a pistachio documentary. I love these things. *tosses one in air, leans back to catch, takes it right in the eye* "GW, did you just--" Not another word.

Keep going for the video, but make sure to take a nice pause at 2:45 to stop and reflect on what you've seen so far.

Thanks to Zootghost, who agrees the last thing you want to find in a nutshell is a worm. I didn't eat cashews for nine years.

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