What A Time To Be Alive: A Pressurized Beer Bong

January 24, 2019


Because gravity clearly doesn't work fast enough for some partygoers, this is the Q-bong pressurized beer bong ($20 from Amazon). You just fill the reservoir with up to 32-ounces of beer (challenge accepted), pump the air bulb to your desired beer-pressure, press the trigger valve AND PREPARE TO CHUG-A-LUG. No word if the Q-bong is also Jell-O shot compatible, but you can rest assured someone plans on finding out. "Is that someone you?" Ha -- nice try, mom! I'd recognize your voice anywhere.

Keep going for one more picture taken straight from the company's college business class Powerpoint presentation, as well as a video of a Ryan Reynolds/Lance Armstrong hybrid demonstrating how to Q-bong a Coors Light.


Thanks to hairless, who agrees you don't see beer bongs in those 'Drink Responsibly' beer ads for a reason.

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