Visions Of The Future: An Army Of Robotic Spiders On The March

January 11, 2019

Yesterday we saw Robugtix's 3-D printed Z6 robot trying to give us an awkward teenage boner with a 1980's inspired aerobics routine, and today, an older video of a swarm of their T8X spider robots preparing for battle. I'm not sure how I missed this video earlier, although I probably did see it, then drank until I forgot, presumably on a Friday or Saturday night when I do my very best forgetting. *shrug* Definitely not the healthiest coping mechanism, but it does work. "That's not coffee in your mug anymore, is it, GW?" Not for many years, muchacho.

Keep going for the whole video.

Thanks to carey for looking out for me. Hold my hair back while I puke?

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