Tethered Slackliner Performers Side Flip At 500-Meters

January 31, 2019

This is a video of a slackline and heights enthusiast performing a side flip (kind of a perpendicular barrel roll) at an elevation of 500-meters (~1,640-feet). At least he was tethered, otherwise I'd call him a crazy person. As a matter of fact I still might call him a crazy person, just not to his face because the last thing you want to do is antagonize someone who's nuts. Sadly, it appears somebody can't produce enough adrenaline naturally. Me? I get so amped just leaving work every afternoon I feel like I can lift a car. I mean I can't, and thankful that man is in stable condition now, but I felt like I could.

Keep going for the whole video.

Thanks to Mark B, who agrees he should have gone for a double if he really wanted to impress the eagles.

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