TeslaCam Footage Of Car Automatically Avoiding Accident In Front Of It

January 4, 2019

This is some unedited footage from the built-in dashcam of a Tesla vehicle of its accident avoidance system doing its thing when there's a solid rear-ending that happens right in front of it. To the car's credit, I'm fairly certain there's no way this driver would have had the reflexes to stop their vehicle in time themself. The driver then waits about twenty seconds before pulling back into traffic and leaving, presumably while yelling "Should have bought a Tesla!" out the window like a jerk. At least that's what I would have done, and I don't even own a Tesla. "What do you own, GW?" Not even the shirt on my back (borrowed from a frenemy with no intention of returning).

Keep going for the whole video.

Thanks to Carmen, who agrees the best way to avoid accidents is staying home.

  • Jacob Barnnett

    I haven't been on this site much over the past several years, but it seems like a lot of your posts are just copy and pasting viral hog videos. You shouldn't be posting anything from that pathetic excuse of a channel under any circumstances.

  • Douchy McDouche

    I have a theory that Elon Musk invented autopilot so that he can drive while high.

  • Sebastian Sauvage

    The car that got crashed into didn't even have it's break lights on or anything to indicate a sudden slowdown so the VW was obviously just cruising along full speed daydreaming and wishing it was a Tesla lol

  • Smeg

    The VW driver should have avoided that even without brake signaling. Objects appear larger when you approach nearer to them :p

  • Arem Rae

    If you watch from about 4 seconds on you can actually see that they press on their brakes and keep them held down until being hit, at least from what I can see.

  • Sebastian Sauvage

    Shit you're right lol I was just looking at the looped gif, and I was looking for the 3rd brake light that should be above the rear window on an SUV like that, but it' in the actual video he does brake along with everyone else, just no third light apparently. Poor VW. Rear ending someone is like my biggest fear lol cuz here in Ontario anytime you rear end someone it's your fault :S

  • Doog

    This really is game changing technology

  • Eric Ord


    PS The car didn't avoid the accident the camera did.

  • Doog

    To be fair the camera didn't physically stop the car, but was instrumental in the process of the car stopping

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