Real Products That Exist: $33 Decorative Unicorn Skulls

January 16, 2019


This is the $33 'Ancient Fossil Unicorn Skull Sculpture Rare Mythical Creature Skeleton Model Great Decor For Archaeologists Excavation Adventurers And Collectors' from Ebros Gifts and available on Amazon. Each resin skull is hand-painted and polished and measures about 11-inches tall, 9-inches long and 5-inches wide. Considering an average size horse skull is around 22-inches long, this must have been a very young unicorn. And that's heartbreaking -- it was never even old enough to realize its full magical potential before being killed. "You're joking, right?" About what? "What part of 'sculpture,' 'model,' 'resin,' and 'hand-painted and polished' did you not understand?" Any of it really.

Thanks to Stephanie B, who informed me she has an ogre skull on her fireplace mantle. Now that I want.

  • The_Wretched

    Boo, the horn isn't integrated. It's just stuck in a bore hole. Not exciting.

  • James Mcelroy

    I like how the horn grows right out from inside the skull.

  • GeneralDisorder

    You're right. It's like a parasitic snail burrowing into a horse head.

  • Deksam

    Hot topic here...

  • Eric Ord


    PS A unicorn, huh? Like a Geekologie message boards where Meh fucks off and also atheistgirl likes me...

  • Deksam

    She might dig you if you got impaled by that thing and died badly, It seems I may know her better then you.

  • Eric Ord

    See, I didn't even DO anything to you! Why are you LIKE this?!


  • Deksam

    ...Minding your own business on a public forum, that is rich!

    But WOW! A li'l too touchy there eric the ord, just shows I don't know you at all. Seems I don't care too.
    Seriously, you aren't really taking any of this too seriously are you??? Because if so? Lighten up and wake up!


  • Eric Ord

    *sitting alone on a public bus*
    *deskam tries to sit on your lap and gets mad when you won't let him*

  • Eric Ord

    u mad?

  • Deksam

    No, that would be an intrusion of personal space, I don't see how that is the same.

    I am not even close to mad, I think this is all a li'l off-beat and out of the ord-inary though.
    Tell me, you do know this online forum and avatar pictures is not real right?

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