Glowing Pac-Man Bedside Lamp With Game Sound Effects

January 11, 2019


This is the $35 Pac-Man light available from ThinkGeek. The plastic pellet-muncher measures 8-inches in diameter and plays the game start music when you plug him in. He also comes with a remote control to adjust the brightness or play one its 12 different in-game sound effects. Fun! Plus with such a voracious eater as Pac-Man sitting by my bed, I won't feel so guilty about all the midnight snacking I do. "Your bedside table is literally a mini-fridge." Oh I'm sorry, is this the first time you've ever witnessed somebody living the dream?

Keep going for a couple more shots including one of Pac-Man running from Inky.



Thanks to hairless, who agrees it's always nice to have a friend that's a good eater around.

  • I lolled. Still got it G dub!

  • PUNX

    I need this so it can eat all the ghosts in my room.

  • saturnina

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