New Footage Of Divers Swimming Alongside Deep Blue, One Of The Largest Great White Sharks Ever Recorded

January 18, 2019


This is some new footage from off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii of some divers swimming alongside Deep Blue, a 20-foot long, approximately 50-year old great white shark, and one of the world's largest known examples of the species. Divers say Deep Blue showed up to feed on a sperm whale carcass, and is currently believed to be pregnant. "I'M NOT PREGNANT, I'M JUST BIG CARTILAGED." Hey, whatever you say, Deep Blue, you're the one with the teeth. Some more info from one of the divers, who was clearly destined to be a shark whisperer as soon as her parents named her:

One of the divers, Ocean Ramsey, told the Honolulu Star Advertiser that they had been filming tiger sharks feeding on the whale when the shark arrived.

"She was just this big beautiful gentle giant wanting to use our boat as a scratching post. We went out at sunrise, and she stayed with us pretty much throughout the day."

Great whites are rarely seen around Hawaii as they prefer cooler seas.

Ms Ramsey said older, pregnant great white sharks were the safest to swim near but cautioned against swimming anywhere where sharks were feeding.

Yeah I would not have touched that shark. Not because I was afraid, but because of respect. "Plus terrified." I don't even get in any water deeper than four feet because of sharks. "Not even the swimming pool?" Okay okay -- you know how when you were a kid and someone told you the lights in pools were actually hatches that led to a shark tank, and they released them into the pool every night to prevent skinny dipping? "Mmhmm?" Well that's true and it's how I lost my first penis.

Keep going for two videos, but mute the Inside Edition one if you watch it.

Thanks to Charlotte, who agrees somebody has clearly made friends with Aquaman.

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