Nereis sandersi, A Marine Worm That Looks Like Some Sort Of Unhinged Muppet

January 8, 2019


This is a shot of a specimen of Nereis sandersi, a polychaeta (aka bristle) marine worm that lives near hydrothermal vents, presumably terrifying anything that would dare venture near them. Some more info from the scientist that first described them while I run to the pet store for an over-the-counter dewormer just to be safe:

Furthermore, the presence of sunken depressions in places where eyes usually occur in N. sandersi is unique for the genus. The occurrence of such depressions is reminiscent of blind cave-dwelling vertebrates which have only vestigial, non-functional eye rudiments remaining from ancestral progenitors which had sight. The very large peristomial ring and enormous palps would appear to be appropriate sensory replacements for a sightless animal in the deep sea.

Wait -- so it doesn't have eyes? Then what the hell are those things staring at me? "Did you even bother reading the quote you pasted?" I'm sorry, but I-- "Only like reading minds." You know you're not too bad yourself!

Thanks to Ayelet D, who agrees this guy clearly needs to join Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem.

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