Mmmmm: Rare Artisan Cheese Infested With Live Maggots

January 4, 2019

This is a Great Big Story video detailing the production of 'Casu marzu' (literally, rotten cheese) in Sardinia. It's a wheel of pecorino cheese that's been exposed to cheese flies, which lay their eggs in it and, four to five months later, have overrun the cheese with their maggots who have made it all goopy and creamy and allegedly delicious from constantly eating and excreting it. Bon appétit!

What starts off as a regular wheel of pecorino is then visited by cheese flies that lay their eggs inside, giving the formaggio its signature zing. But, with a nickname like 'the world's most dangerous cheese," you can be sure that along with the cheese comes some risky business. Still, a handful of artisans continue to produce the traditional cheese, cementing its status in Sardinian culture.

Because of the potential health risks involved with ingesting live maggots, producers of the cheese are prohibited by the government from selling it, so they only make it for family and friends and me, which I then sell out of the back of a car. I'm kidding, I'm not into black market casu marzu. I'm sorry, I love fancy artisanal cheeses as much as the next connoisseur, but-- "Have you ever even had any other cheese besides string?" Only Kraft Singles.

Keep going for the fascinating video.

Thanks to K Diddie, who agrees the best cheese has been and always will be spray cheese.

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