Man Mods His Sleep Apnea CPAP Mask With An Alien Facehugger

January 30, 2019


These are a couple shots of the CPAP mask that sleep apnea sufferer Jared Gray modded with one of NECA's life-size Alien facehugger props. CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) masks are used to maintain mild air pressure in a wearer's airways to help keep them breathing normally during sleep). While a regular CPAP mask isn't frightening, I feel like waking up next to your lover with a Facehugger on their head might be pretty terrifying, which is exactly why I just bought one and set an alarm so I could wake up and put it on before my girlfriend got up. "How'd that go?" The last I saw her she was looking up airline tickets on Expedia.

Keep going for a shot of the underside.


Thanks to Jeffrey S, for inspiring me to modify my sleep mask with bloodshot monster eyes.

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