It's Been Bugged: Guy Opens Home Telephone To Figure Out Why It Isn't Working

January 9, 2019

This is a short video taken by a maintenance worker in Sydney, Australia, who removes the cover of an apartment's home phone to figure out why it isn't working. Now that is a lot of dead roaches. I don't think you could even pack more clowns in a car than that. Man, and I thought I had a roach problem in my apartment. I mean I 100% do, I just don't find them all in one place like that -- they like to spread out. I even find them under the covers in my bed a couple times a week. "How does your girlfriend feel about that?" She feels like it was worth breaking up over.

Keep going for the whole video, including scraping those nasty little bastards out of there.

Thanks to JD, who agrees sometimes it's best to just not know.

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