Video Of An Iranian Spider-Tailed Viper Luring A Bird

January 31, 2019

Note: Full video not for those who aren't comfortable with the circle of life, bird getting eaten.

This is a video of an Iranian spider-tailed viper, which has an arachnid-like caudal structure that it moves to mimic the appearance of a spider and attract prey. In this case, a bird. Admittedly, I was rooting for the bird, but apparently it didn't hear me yelling, "STAY AWAY, IT'S A TRAP!" at my phone. Whoever it was who just came into the bathroom did though, because I heard them turn around and leave immediately. Sounds like somebody is going to be pooping their pants at work this afternoon! "Is it you, GW?" More than likely.

Keep going for the whole video, or just watch the gif above and pretend like a bird didn't just meet its maker, your choice.

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