Impressive: 7-Time World Tetris Champion Playing The Game With A Dance Dance Revolution Pad

January 29, 2019

Because making things harder for yourself is what life is all about (I tried tying my shoes with chopsticks this morning even though I was already late for work), this is a video of bartender and 7-time Classic Tetris World Champion (CTWC) Jonas Neubauer playing Tetris using a Dance Dance Revolution pad for input. He still performs way better than I could even with my fingers, unless we're talking about giving massages, in which case *cracking knuckles* these digits are pure magic. "It sounds like you broke a finger." It's cool, I'll just *yanks finger, farts so hard I poop* I wanna go home.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees you haven't lived until you've Power Gloved Tetris before.

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