Hand-Eye Coordination: Man Tosses One-Inch Ring In Air, Throws Knife Through It

January 30, 2019

This is a short video of a knife throwing enthusiast tossing a 1-inch ring (not the One Ring -- I zoom and enhanced) in the air, then proceeding to through a knife through it and into a stump. I've got the feeling this probably wasn't his first try. I've also go the feeling this just gave me the perfect idea for a wedding proposal. "Does it involve your girlfriend spinning on the Wheel Of Death while you throw knives?" Ahahahahaha, what -- are you insane?! Shut up you're gonna give it away.

Keep going for the video while I brainstorm how I can get her on the Wheel Of Death without suspecting anything. "Well I'm pretty sure a proposal will be the furthest thing from her mind." TRUE.

Thanks to Nate H, who agrees knife skills are important skills, especially once the apocalypse takes place.

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