Flamboyant Hairdresser Cuts (Read: Burns) Hair With Laser Lightsaber

January 31, 2019



Remember Madrid, Spain salon owner Alberto Olmedo? You know, the one who cuts hair with a blowtorch, dual samurai swords and razor talons? Well apparently now he's added a purple laser lightsaber to the arsenal at his hairdressing station. No word if it's safe to dunk in the blue stuff.

''We are not cutting with a solid material, we are cutting with a beam of light. There is no friction, no breakage, it is a clean cut that at the same time cauterises,'' Olmedo says in the video.

''This laser has the capacity to cut metal, but it is harmless, you have to know how to handle it,'' he added.

Wait -- so the laser has the capacity to cut metal, but is harmless, but you have to know how to handle it? Those sound like conflicting messages. Also, does this guy really not know how to use scissors? This sounds like a gimmick. Now if you'll excuse me....Hi, yes -- I'm here for my ten o'clock (I'm a sucker for gimmicks).

Keep going for a video of the hairsabering in action.

Thanks to hairless, the perfect tipster for an article about laser lightsaber haircuts.

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