Close Calls: Highway Sign Falls On Woman's SUV As She Drives By

January 10, 2019

Because absolutely everything in Australia wants you dead, this is a short dashcam video of a 53-year old woman driving along Melbourne's Tullmarine Freeway during rush hour when a highway exit sign tries to slice her SUV in half. Thankfully, the woman only suffered minor neck injuries in the incident. But like, do you need a lawyer or what? Because I haven't gone to law school but I really think I could win this. "No thank you." Objection! "Overruled." Damn, you might be able to win this on your own.

Keep going for a local news report including the dashcam footage and the aftermath.

Thanks to Ilana and Irina A, who agree somebody just earned their 'God is my copilot' bumper sticker.

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