Braille Dice For Tabletop Gaming

January 28, 2019


Because everybody should be able to Dungeon and Dragon, these are the Braille gaming dice created by Jack Berberette as part of his Dots RPG project, which aims to make tabletop gaming more inclusive to the blind. The 3-D printing shapefiles are available for free HERE, or you can purchase finished dice in a variety of colors and sides from his Shapeways shop. Just like my campaign to rescue the princess from an evil dragon, a noble quest. "But I thought you were just after the dragon's gold." Shhhhhhhhhh -- I have a lot of bills. "What kind of bills?" Mostly unpaid tavern ones.

Thanks to WD, who informed me he actually collects dice. That's cool, I had a statistics professor in college that did too. He also ruined the lottery for me.

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