Boeing's Flying Car Has First Successful Test Flight

January 28, 2019


Because it seems like everybody and their brother (I'm looking at you, Orville and Wilbur) are developing very similar looking quad/hex/octocopter style flying cars these days, this is a short video of Boeing's entry into the autonomous flying car market of the future taking its first successful test flight (more of a test takeoff, hover and land) in Manassas, Virginia. *watches underwhelming video* Wow, what a time to be alive wish you lived way further in the future (but not so far it's all robots).

Keep going for the video while I cryogenically freeze myself and leave a Post-It on the glass to my chamber leaving explicit instructions to not thaw me until we have flying cars that fold out of briefcases Jetsons style.

Thanks to hairless, who wants to be woken up when there's a video of a flying car towing somebody on a hoverboard.

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