Awwww: Friend Bequeaths Blade Of Righteous Fury To His Sword-Loving Friend In Short Ceremony

January 23, 2019


Note: Some brief language.

This is a worthwhile Twitter video of Kenneth Carl McNeil, The Bequeather, Second Of His Name, bequeathing the Blade Of Righteous Fury (actually a Frostmourne replica) to his sword-loving best friend Drew Anthony Earl, The Third Of His Name, in a short but very official ceremony. Apparently The Bequeather find the sword at his work (wait -- where the hell do you work, and are they hiring? Is it QVC? Just blink once if it's QVC) and decided to give it to the person he felt would appreciate it the most. Drew seems pretty stoked about it too. And can you blame him? That's one sweet-ass blade. Man, I wish I had cool friends who gave me cool things. I can barely convince a friend to give me a ride to the mall and Kenneth is handing out Blades Of Righteous Fury like it's nothing. You know what the last thing my friends gave me was? "A wedgie?" It was atomic too, then they duct-taped me to a wall so everybody at the party could laugh at me. "They did it at a party?!" My BIRTHDAY party. "Jesus." They said I should just be thankful they bothered showing up this year.

Keep going for the worthwhile video.

Thanks to Luc, who informed me he could watch sword bequeathing videos all day. Ha, I could probably watch this sword bequeathing video all day.

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