Awww: Hamsters Racing Through A Five-Level Maze

January 17, 2019

This is a video of two hamsters racing (separately) through a five-level maze constructed out of cardboard by their loving owner and operator of Youtube channel The Secret Life of My Hamster. Who knew hamsters had secret lives? Although, admittedly, I did wonder what they did under those plastic igloos all day. "I'm pretty sure they sleep." OR LEAD SECRET LIVES. "They sleep." Man, I bet I'm getting catfished by hamsters on a dating site right now.

Keep going for the sweet video.

Thanks to Ariel, who, wait -- THAT Ariel? "Different one." But do you have a tail? "No." But did you USED to have a tail prior to meeting that half-wit Prince Charming. "His name's Eric." I knew it -- I knew it!

  • Ez

    For some reason I thought it said "Fire-Level Maze" at first and I was a little disappointed.

  • Ollie Williams

    I like the random bath times. Good hygiene is always appreciated. Also, I'm glad they did the second one from the bottom up, just in case the first one gave the second hints.

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