Australian Woman Calmly Enjoying A Cold Beer With A Huntsman Spider

January 18, 2019


This is a short vertical video of a woman in Sydney, Australia calmly enjoying a cold one with a huntsman spider friend. In her own words while I refuse to share my brewskis with anyone or anything: "Wait, but you said you were having a party." I never said I was providing the beer, just the eye-candy. "Well where's that?" Right here -- it's me, jerk:

"This video was taken at my home. It's been so hot here in Australia and the only solution is a cold beer. This huntsman crawled onto my hand so I turned on my phone camera and recorded it. I'm sure he was just thirsty and looking for some relief from the heat."

Admittedly, she's a lot calmer than most people I know would have been. Specifically my girlfriend. She saw a spider in my apartment once and then like three weeks later she left and never came back. "Yeaaaah, I'm pretty sure that's a breakup." Wait -- so you're saying she's not just avoiding my calls because she's afraid it might be the spider?!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to n0nentity, who refuses to share beer with anything with more than two legs.

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