An Official Ozzy Osbourne Bat Plushie With Removable Head

January 22, 2019


To celebrate the 37th anniversary of biting the head off a dead bat that was thrown on stage at a Des Moines, Iowa concert (and make some money in the process), this is the $40 *spit-takes blood* 12-inch bat plushie with removable head available from Ozzy Osbourne's online store. The story of the bat biting from a January 22, 1982 article in the Des Moines Register for those of you who are blissfully unfamiliar:

Osbourne reportedly put a dead bat in his mouth, bit its head off and threw it back into the crowd of about 5,000 at the auditorium Wednesday night.

Some skeptics think the whole thing was a publicity stunt - even the taking of the first of a series of five rabies shots at a Des Moines hospital after the concert.

But Mark Neal, 17, of Des Moines said he threw the dead bat onto the stage, saw Osbourne pick it up, bite its head off and then throw it into the audience.

"It really freaked me out," Neal said. "I won't get in any trouble for admitting this, will I?"

After the show, Osbourne went to Mercy Hospital Medical Center, and was referred to Broadlawns Medical Center because rabies vaccine was available there.

It was Mark! Mark threw the dead bat. I should have known, Mark and his backpack full of dead bats. He probably calls it a batpack, sicko. So -- if Mark was 17 in 1982, that would make him *counting on fingers* Dead now. Nobody who plays with dead bats would have lasted this long.

Thanks to Stephen A, who agrees for $40 it should also squirt blood when you squeeze it.

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