An 80,000-Piece, 9-Foot Diorama Of The Death Star Trench Run From Star Wars: A New Hope

January 30, 2019


This is the 80,000-piece, 8.79-foot long (I lied in the title!) by 4.49-foot deep and 3.60-feet tall Death Star trench run diorama constructed by South Korean certified LEGO professional Wani Kim and his team of builders. No word if it cost as much to build as an actual Death Star, but I bet it was close.

This LEGO build consists of around 80,000 LEGO elements and is even populated with 100 minifigures. Most of those Minifigs are in the back, where you can see the interior of the Death Star! It comes complete with tractor beam controls, Vader's chamber, detention cells, a locker room and more.

Oh yeah, the whole think also lights up and has lighting effects.

Man, that's impressive. I could see myself playing with that for at least 20 minutes before transforming into Godzilla and stomped across the whole thing on my way to fight Mothra. "We don't even bother buying him toys any more." Mom! "And once we realized he's just as happy playing with cat turds--" Stop! "We just have to get him dewormed every couple weeks."

Keep going for a handful more shots including the impressive rear *licks finger, tries to sizzle on ass, it doesn't, makes promise to self I'll go to the gym more*, but check out Wani's Instagram page (with videos of the light effects) for even more.





Thanks to JD and speakerbox, who agrees dioramas > diarrheas any day.

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